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Entrepreneur, Retention Specialist, Speaker, Certified Life Coach, Author, Minister, Athlete, Consultant, Husband, Father, and Grandfather

Malik Lee a.k.a. Coach Lee was born and raised on the southside of Chicago, Ill.  He grew up in the heartland of America in small town Clinton, Iowa, where he was a standout athlete.  Life's trials and tribulations confronted him with Hollywood headlines that attempted to test his faith.  Eventually, the 'truth' set him free and hence became his vision.  For the past 25 years, Coach Lee has coached on the football field and mentored off the field.  He took the love he had for the game and

Meet Coach Lee

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What is 


True Vision is the discovering of your identity, so your vision becomes clear.  We motivate and inspire individuals to activate the power within them to make their dreams a reality.

Our mission is to help create the necessary mindset to find your purpose, live your passion, and the be power of your performance.

True Vision will show you the NOW, the HOW and the WHY, a system for success.



True Vision Logo NEW logo 3.png
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